Questions about GIGHOUSE?

Frequently asked questions (& answers)


GIGHOUSE is the digital matching platform that strives for a perfect match between freelancers and clients in a fast and efficient way. We guarantee quality through a thorough screening and matching process in which we not only focus on competencies and skills, but also strive for a "cultural fit" between freelancer and client. Moreover, we offer support to freelancers and they can always contact us for first-line advice.


Who is behind GIGHOUSE?

Together with a motivated team of experts, they strive daily for the qualitative match between freelancer and client. Their goal? To convince every company of the added value of using freelance experts and in this way help shape the job market of the future.
Their dream? To build the freelance platform that is the reference for quality matching within Belgium (and by extension Europe). Their motto? Always deliver more than expected!

Why opt for GIGHOUSE?

We value quality over quantity. All freelancers are thoroughly screened during an intake interview where CV is checked and references are checked.

GIGHOUSE makes sure that you don't waste your own time in your search for the right freelancer for your project. We do the search and present to you only those freelancers who have a highest matching rate.

We offer support to the freelancer. The latter can always come to us for first-line advice. We strive to be a place where our freelancers can "come home". Therefore, we have a variety of initiatives planned in the future to strengthen this feeling within our community.


As a client, what can I do with GIGHOUSE?

Contact us when you are looking for freelancers for a new project. We have an extensive database in which we search for the freelancer that perfectly fits your company. Our matching process not only focuses on competencies and skills but also strives to find a "cultural fit" between freelancer and client.


What is the role of the GIGHOUSE consultants?

They look for the perfect match between client and freelancer. This is based on a thorough screening of the freelancers and a conversation with the client. Once there is a successful match, they also take care of the contracts, invoicing and payment.

Who should I turn to with questions related to administration?

GIGHOUSE takes care of all the administration. This means that GIGHOUSE takes care of both the contracts and the invoicing. Furthermore GIGHOUSE takes care of the correct payment of the freelancer's salary and the corresponding administration. If you still have questions regarding the administration, we will be happy to help you! Contact us at info@dev.thibaultmarrannes.be

I am an intermediary, can I get in touch with a freelancer through GIGHOUSE?

Looking for the ideal freelancers for assignments with your clients? Then you can also come to us. However, we will only introduce to you those freelancers who are open to working with a third party. Please contact us directly so we can further discuss our possible collaboration. Feel free to email to info@dev.thibaultmarrannes.be .


Is GIGHOUSE intermediary?

The pure definition of an intermediary is "a mediator", which means that an intermediary always mediates between 2 parties so that they can come to a good agreement. At GIGHOUSE we first ensure the good match between both parties and put both in contact with each other. Freelancer and client negotiate the agreed upon rate and we take care of the right contracts, timesheets and correct payment/invoicing.

Where can I find the general terms and conditions of GIGHOUSE?

Here you can see the  general terms and conditions for clients consulting. Those of freelancers read here .



My question does not appear in the list, now what?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, feel free to contact GIGHOUSE via email at info@dev.thibaultmarrannes.be or at the number 09/331.77.61.

How come I can't register?

The app is only compatible with a mobile device, there is no desktop version. You can download the app in Google Play store (Android) and the App store (iOS) under the name GIGHOUSE.

You can create an account by choosing 1 of these options.

  • I choose an email address as my username and create a password
  • I am registering with my LinkedIn profile
  • I am registering with my Apple ID

I am not getting on the app since the last update?

You will see the following message on the app, "Please update the app before proceeding."

Go to the Google Play Store or App Store, search for "GIGHOUSE" and press "update." 
If it does not say "update," but "Open," it may mean that you need to update your store for a while. refresh
Your store refresh you can do by scrolling down swipingin the store itself OR by "hard closing" the store by moving it upward swiping.

Open your store again and go to the GiGHOUSE-app in search. Update the app now. 


Still not succeeding?

Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Still not succeeding after previous tips? Send us an email with the following information:

  • Your phone (Iphone, Samsung,...)
  • Model name from your phone (Iphone 8, Iphone 11,...?)
  • Your software version (15.3.1,...) 

Tip: You can easily find these last 2 in your phone's settings. You can check the release version of the app in the app store.


What should I do if I forget my username or password?

Are you original registered via the shortcut LinkedIn or AppleID? Then must your also always via this way login.

Have you received via e-email address and password a account created and knows your your password not more?

Press "Forget Password?" and request a new password. You will soon receive an e-mail in your mailbox. Not received? Be sure to check your spam folder.

How come I can't save changes to my profile?

When your VATnumber or account number not good was supplemented at the edit from your profile, can your also not continued save. Your gets a error message at the respective fields those must supplemented be


How come my profile is not 100% complete?

The app guides you through the onboarding process. The bar at the top lets you follow along with the progression that indicates how complete your profile is. When you click on the bar, it indicates the actions you can take to get your profile to 100%.

How do I let GIGHOUSE know that I am available for a new freelance assignment?

In the application at the 'profile' tab where you enter your preferences, you can update your availability. You can check or uncheck this.

How do I change my data in the application?

You can change your profile via the "settings" button at the top right of the app. Please note that, if you change data, it must first be validated back by a GIGHOUSE consultant.

How do I change the data in my timesheets?

If your timesheets yet on 'draft' arecan your this always change.If you already has submitted, please contact your consultant or call you at 09 331 77 60 and we fit this one for you.


Why don't I see timesheets in the app?

Contact consultant within GIGHOUSE. Only we can your contract activate and that provides before that your timesheets can fill in.

If your no attachment from a contract has receivedremains this field anyway empty.

How is the influx of freelancers?

GIGHOUSE uses various sources to enrich our database with the right freelancers. First, freelancers sign up on the mobile app which we promote via the web & social media. Secondly, GIGHOUSE also participates in a lot of events and fairs through which we get in touch with freelancers spread all over Belgium. Finally, every day our consultants actively search, through all kinds of channels, for the most qualitative freelancers in the market. In all these cases, the competences of the freelancers are carefully screened.

How does the screening of freelancers go?

Once freelancers have registered on the mobile application, they receive a request to provide the contact information of three employers they have worked with. Our consultants call these references and discuss the freelancer's competencies during a personal interview. During these conversations, we mainly check whether the competencies provided match the experience that former clients had/have. After each phone call, the freelancer's profile is further completed and references are added to the client. The freelancers are contacted by phone upon registration to get a picture of their strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

How does GIGHOUSE find the best freelancer for my assignment?

Our matching process is supported by a strong and intelligent matching software that allows us to make a very fast qualitative matching. Our consultants always do the final check before freelancers are referred to a client.

Is there any guarantee that GIGHOUSE will find the right freelancer within a certain time frame?

We always strive for a qualitative match within 48 hours. The freelancers presented to you already match the specific needs within your assignment, are available and have already shown interest in your assignment. Half way there!

How do I post an order on the GIGHOUSE web portal?

To access the web portal, click "Login" at the top of the page. Then create a new account or log in with your existing profile information. You now have access to the web portal. To create a new assignment, proceed as follows:

First you click on 'create new project'. Then enter the name of the profile you are looking for and specify the requirements, the more detail the better we can match you with the right freelance talent. This field can contain more information about what skills the freelancer should have but can also give more information about the assignment or the company the freelancer will be in.

Then ask why the freelancer should work for you. List here three reasons why your company is worth working for.

Next, we ask you to estimate the duration of the assignment. How long do you want to call on the freelancer's expertise? Enter your approximate duration and then enter the location where the freelancer should work. Then you can enter the maximum budget you wish to pay to get started with the freelancer.

Last but not least, you get to list the skills and tools your freelancer needs. Not sure what skills your freelancer should have? Then contact us and we will help you further.

Click "save and submit" and our matchmakers will start looking for the perfect freelancers for your assignment.

How can I contact GIGHOUSE?

You can always contact us at info@dev.thibaultmarrannes.be or at the number 09/331.77.61

How does GIGHOUSE handle my personal data?

GIGHOUSE undertakes to treat personal and company data confidentially at all times. This information will only be used in the context of searching for assignments during the matching process. We gladly refer you to our extensive privacy policy. Still have questions? Please email gdpr@dev.thibaultmarrannes.be


How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter or delete my profile?

If you would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter or delete your profile, please send a message to info@dev.thibaultmarrannes.be. Feel free to let us know the reason.

What price tag does this carry for clients?

In exchange for the help and services GIGHOUSE offers you, we charge 22% or 24% brokerage fee on top of the freelancer's fee. So your final invoice will be the freelancer's fee plus 22% or 24%. You will receive this collective invoice weekly after validation of freelancer performance. Depending on the formula you choose, payment is made by direct debit or by invoice with payment terms of 30 days. Please refer to the prices page for further explanation


What is the price tag on this for freelancers?

Our services are completely free for freelancers. We only charge a broker fee of 22% or 24% on top of the freelancer's fee to the client. Very transparent and easy!

How much margin does GIGHOUSE take on the freelancer?

At GIGHOUSE, the search for a freelancer is completely free. As a client, you only pay from the moment a freelancer starts working for you: first cure, then pay! Depending on the formula you choose, we charge a broker fee of 22% or 24% on top of the freelancer's rate.

When will the freelancer be paid?

As soon as the client validates the timesheet with hours worked, the self-bill is drawn up and paid out within 30 days of the invoice date. If we do not receive validation or refusal within 72h from the client, we will assume automatic validation of the hours worked.


As a freelancer, should I invoice GIGHOUSE or the client?

Neither! GIGHOUSE works with a self-bill system where we completely take over the freelancer's billing obligation. GIGHOUSE creates purchase invoices to itself, the so-called self-bill. The freelancer must include these self-bills as sales invoices in his VAT return.

Click here for more information on the self-bills.

I did not receive my self-bill. What now?

When a new month starts in the middle of the week, you won't receive the self-bill until the following week. This is done because billing doesn't want to mix the month's close with the first days of a new month. But don't worry, the payout does go right on time, you will just have to wait a week longer for the self-bill.

Do I enter into a contract with GIGHOUSE or with the client?

When we have a match between you and the client, you enter into a contractual agreement with GIGHOUSE. GIGHOUSE in turn signs a contract with the client. This creates the huge advantage that the client pays us and we can pay you (the freelancer) within 30 days after validation of the timesheets! This way you can be sure that your payroll will appear on your account on time.

Do I enter into a contract with GIGHOUSE or the freelancer?

When we have a match between you and the freelancer, you enter into a contractual agreement with GIGHOUSE. We in turn sign an agreement with the freelancer. This allows us to pay the freelancer quickly. The invoicing between GIGHOUSE and the client is done either by direct debit or by invoice to be paid within 10 or 30 days. By default, GIGHOUSE invoices on a weekly basis.


What fields can I work in as a freelancer?

GIGHOUSE focuses primarily on assignments within HR, Marketing & Communications, Finance, Digital & Design, IT and Administration. Are you active in another niche but would still like to work through GIGHOUSE? Feel free to register and we will gladly look at the possibilities together.

How often can I expect to receive assignments through GIGHOUSE?

GIGHOUSE is a matchmaker and not a database. By this we emphasize that we look for the right match with cultural fit for each freelancer and client. Freelancers do not expect an abundance of assignments, we only send an assignment if it completely matches the profile. For clients, we do not provide a long list of freelancers but only a shortlist of the 3 best fitting freelancers.

Do I need a VAT number?

To use the services of GIGHOUSE, you must be a freelancer. That means that you are self-employed and have your own VAT number. Without a VAT number, GIGHOUSE cannot introduce you to clients.

How do I complete my profile for 100% in the application?

To complete your profile for 100% you need to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Create an account
  • Step 2: Enter your details (expertise domain, zip code, maximum travel time...)
  • Step 3: Complete your profile
    • Add your preferences (availability, fee...)
    • Add your skills - Attention, please also add your languages here at the bottom!
    • Add your features
    • Write a nice biography
  • Step 4: Enter your company information (you do this by pressing edit at the top)

Lo and behold, your profile is ready!


How do I turn on app notifications?

Want to turn on your notifications so you don't miss any assignments? No problem!

Notifications iOS:

  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Scroll down until you come across GiGHOUSE's app
  3. Click on the GiGHOUSE app and click on notifications
  4. Turn on the switch of notifications
  5. See, you're done!

Gif how to turn notifications on iOS

Notifications Android:

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Click on apps
  3. Then click apps again
  4. Choose the GiGHOUSE app and click on notifications
  5. Turn on the switch of notifications
  6. See, you're done!

Gif how to turn notifications on Android