GIGHOUSE is a digital matching platform between companies and freelancers specialized in Human Resources,Digital& Design, Marketing & Communications, Administration, Finance and IT.


Our mission and vision

GIGHOUSE aims to provide companies with a user-friendly and fast way to enjoy the entrepreneurship, expertise and flexibility of vake experts by guaranteeing fast matching, quality screening and administrative relief at a fair brokerage fee.

In addition, GIGHOUSE wants to offer freelancers a home where they can receive new opportunities free of charge, quickly and easily through a user-friendly mobile application that completely unburdens them in terms of administration.


How it all began

A lot of things moved in the job market at the end of 2017. On the one hand, more and more employees ended their permanent jobs with a lot of security and structure and exchanged them for exciting freelance careers. On the other hand, the need for flexible specialists on the part of companies increased tremendously. The GIG-economy was born!

But the GIG economy had some teething problems from the start. Initially, freelancers were often paid late because, according to their status, they were considered suppliers and not employees. Also, the search for new assignments did not always prove easy, let alone that there was enough time left after hours to look for new assignments.

For clients, it was actually no different. The search for the right freelancer was a time-consuming activity. Clients still too often had to deal with unfriendly databases with endless lists of unscreened freelancers. And every day that the right talent wasn't found cost the company a bunch of money.

Finding the right freelancer turned out to be not so easy. Because in addition to a similarity in hard skills, one quickly noticed that compatibility was needed in terms of cultural values.

GIGHOUSE to the rescue!

In response to these challenges, GIGHOUSE meticulously developed the first qualitative Belgian matching platform. For freelancers, a convenient mobile application that can be used on the go to stay up to date on new opportunities and ensure you get paid correctly every month.

For clients, a user-friendly web portal where companies get quality freelancers suggested. This way, clients no longer have to do the extensive search for freelancers and do not waste time.

Supported by our strong digital tools, our people provide the perfect connection between client and freelancer.