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Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hello, I'm Karima and I have two years of relevant experience to find top talents to organization...
Available from: 2024-05-08
5 day(s) per week
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Experienced HR partner. Skilled in HR consultancy, national- and international recruitment and se...
Available from: 2024-05-15
5 day(s) per week
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Project Management

Dedicated, attentive and personable administrative freelancer with over 10 successful years of cl...
Available from: 2024-04-04
5 day(s) per week
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The different areas of expertise of the GIGHOUSE freelancers

It freelancer


Back-end Developer, APP Developer, C# Developer, C++ Developer,CIO, Project Manager, Service Manager, IT Manager

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Freelancer human resources

Human Resources

Recruitment, HR management, Payroll, Training Coaching, Assesments, Payroll administration

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Marketing & communication freelancers

Marketing & communications

Digital Marketing, Marketing Management, Search Engine Marketing, Copywriting, Translation

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Freelancers design and development

Digital & Design

Web design, Front-end & Back-end development, UX/UI, Graphic design, Web Analytics

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Finance freelancers


Accountancy, Taxation, Financial Controlling, Business Analysis, File Management

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Call center support, Data entry, Administrative support, Reception

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Actuarial, Risk and Data

All round- Actuaries from junior to senior level for Life, P&C, Pension, Health, Investment, IFRS 17 reporting, Risk Management, Data Analysis, Project Management

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Interim Management

Interim Management

ICT Manager, Operations Manager, HR Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Change Manager, Transformation Manager, PMO

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What is in return for GIGHOUSE's services for clients?

Freelancers search

The search for a freelancer is completely free. When you start working with the freelancer you pay 24% brokerage fee* on the hours worked. GIGHOUSE is also available for smaller assignments! For projects below €3000 we are forced to charge an additional administrative fee of €450 to guarantee the quality of our matching.

  • Screened freelancers
  • We provide the ideal match
  • Contract handling and payment freelancer
  • User-friendly web portal
  • 30-day payment period
  • Timesheets freelancer approval
  • 24% brokerage fee

* Do you agree to direct debit? Then you pay only 22% brokerage fee

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Do you employ freelancers yourself that you want to manage via the GIGHOUSE platform? You can! For 10% administrative fee on hours worked, you manage your freelancers in our user-friendly web portal.

  • Contract handling and payment freelancer
  • User-friendly web portal
  • 30-day payment period
  • Timesheets freelancer approval
  • 10% administrative fee

Freelancers? No thank you! They are too expensive for our business!

February 6, 2024 #Money #utor #P Price

An analysis shows that freelancers' costs are comparable to those of permanent and temporary workers, making choosing expertise over contract form essential; GIGHOUSE advocates valuing flexible forms of employment and the use of independent experts.

4 min.
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Freelancer summit

3 reasons why you should attend the Freelancer Summit

October 10, 2023 #events #freelancers

The Freelancer Summit offers freelancers valuable opportunities for networking, continuing education and personal meetings with matchmakers.

5 min.
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Why choosing a niche as a freelancer is important

July 18, 2023 #freelancers

Find out how to ensure you can charge higher rates and get more meaningful projects by researching market demand and improving your skills.

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hr policy

Labor regulations vs. company policies: can we still see the forest for the trees?

July 12, 2023 #freelancers #HR

Employment regulations or company policies? For many HR freelancers, it is often unclear. Law firm A.lex clarifies.

5 min.
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My freelance activity: as a natural person or under a corporation?

July 11, 2023 #free #freelancers #earning as a freelancer

Freelancer in Belgium: Choosing between individual or company? Discover legal, tax and financial insights for the best choice. Case study shows financial difference. Make smart decisions with professional advice!

5 min.
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Why 100% working from home is not a good idea

July 11, 2023 #freelancers

Working from home has advantages, but also disadvantages such as blurred work-life separation, reduced social contact and inappropriate infrastructure. Variety and co-working spaces help freelancers find balance.

3 min.
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