En tant qu'actuaire fort d'environ 9 ans d'expérience, j'ai développé une expertise approfondie dans la gestion des risques vie et financiers. Ma spécialisation s'étend également à la data qualité, où j'ai démontré mes compétences en garantissant la précision et la fiabilité des données. Mon parcours inclut une profonde implication dans l'automatisation des processus, contribuant ainsi à accroître l'efficacité opérationnelle. En outre, j'ai acquis une solide expérience dans l'audit des comptes selon les normes IFRS, GAAP et Solvency 2. Mon engagement envers l'excellence, combiné à ma connaissance approfondie des exigences réglementaires, fait de moi un actuaire capable de fournir des solutions stratégiques environnements complexes. Eng: As an actuary with around 9 years of experience, I have developed extensive expertise in life and financial risk management. My specialization also encompasses data quality, where I have demonstrated skills in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data. My journey includes significant involvement in process automation, contributing to increased operational efficiency. Furthermore, I have gained solid experience in auditing accounts according to IFRS, GAAP, and Solvency 2 standards. My commitment to excellence, coupled with a profound understanding of regulatory requirements, positions me as an actuary capable of providing strategic solutions in complex environments.

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Allick is very broad experience in the actuarial field ranging from the financial risk management to the risk management in life portfolios - thus in depth knowledge of assets and liabilities scenario exposure. During his time at Axa, he was involved in SII, SCR, as well as investment approval process (+100 million euros), and risk appetite on the financial side and adjusting the internal model on the life side to apply different shock scenarios on various different assumptions, including repricing options due to the different impacts. Since 2022, he's joined the PwC team because he was looking for new challenges. He's currently a manager and in charge of audits around IFRS 17, SII, Belgian Gaap on life, worker's compensation and health portfolios. He's also in the research team on ESG, looking at how climate change impacts the insurance industry.

Allick is very efficient in different programming languages, he's worked with R and R shiny and could easily use Python even though he's only had trainings in it. He's a quick learner and aims to be independent on new topics by investing his own time to expand his knowledge base. He enjoys working in teams, support and learning, and always brings his good humour to alleviate the stress that can be felt during intense times.

Interesse in dit profiel?

Interesse in dit profiel?

      Ik wil graag op de hoogte gehouden worden van communicaties over events, sollicitatietips, wedstrijden, surveys, etc…

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