I am an actuary with six years of work experience in insurance sector. I have worked in employee benefits, risk management and life valuation under SII regulation. I am at ease with Excel, Access, SAS and I have a training in Python. I am pragmatic, autonomous and team oriented with transparent and clear communication.

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S II (QRT, SFCR, ORSA, RSR)Best Estimate Liabilities (BEL)CalculationsRisk MarginInsurance RiskLiquidity RiskMCR, SCRMarket RiskORSARisk Appetite DefinitionSolvency IIProphetPythonRSASVBAData ClusteringDataset Preparation



Florry is very adaptable and a fast learner. His personal agility has been demonstrated from his choice of areas in which to develop his expertise. His approach is to learn, apply and excel in different areas which makes him a very knowledgeable actuary already after 6 years. He accelerated his learning in actuarial science by coupling his master's degree with work experience for 2 years at AG insurance where he worked in group insurance and health as an analyst. He worked in pricing, reserving as well as touched reinsurance and enjoyed analysing the profit margins and how to optimise them by doing various simulations.

He then went on to work for almost 3 yrs in risk management looking at risk appetite, liquidity risks, as well as monitoring risk profiles at the company level. His thoroughness was well appreciated when working on the quarterly reports that were audited by the BNB. He worked on default risks, concentration risks, but also followed closely market risk tendencies, including the BEL20.

To expand further his knowledge in different areas in which actuarial skills could be applied, he has recently worked as a life actuary in a valuation and solvency department. Being exposed to the full process from data handling to model point creation to assumption setting and cashflow projections, Florry learned the ins and out of valuation results and preparation of results for best estimates and SII reserving. He has mainly worked on individual and group protection products and mortgage contracts.

Florry's main character traits is that he enjoys challenges and learning new things. He's a fast learner and has a very calming presence which encourages skillful communication within teams and management. He is analytical, flexible and adopts a pragmatic approach when faced with tight deadlines. He works independently but appreciates team work as well. He's currently looking for projects in life and risk areas in an environment that is stable and progressive.

Interesse in dit profiel?

Interesse in dit profiel?

      Ik wil graag op de hoogte gehouden worden van communicaties over events, sollicitatietips, wedstrijden, surveys, etc…

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