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At AXA, they called me a white raven because I am both a technical and commercial person. I sometimes call myself a "problem solver" because I like to grasp a problem where others do not immediately see a solution. I am eager to work as a business and/or data analyst to assist the management of a life insurance company in making the right decisions or to develop end user computing tools for life insurance companies.

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Veronique has more than 20 years of experience as an actuarial sales and account manager for group insurance portfolios. She excels in networking and connecting with clients as well as connecting with actuarial teams. She's worked 20 yrs in Axa and then went on to become a freelancer having worked with ING and NN Insurance as a pricing officer for Br 23 and Br 21 products development as well as developing product descriptions of individual life products for the brokers. She also loves learning new things and studied to become a data analyst in 2019/2020 and is interested in gaining more experience in optimising models to avoid manual mistakes and ensure that decision makers have better quality results to make sound decisions. She has knowledge of Power BI and SQL but requires practical experience to master those tools. She's good at SAS and VBA.

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Ce profil vous intéresse ?

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