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redirecting freelance activities

GiG Talks Pt.4 - Turning around freelance activities?

January 12, 2021 #GiG Talks #GiGHOUSE

In the fourth installment of the GIG Talks, our freelancers talk about whether or not they are turning their business around.

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Freelance assignments corona

GIG Talks pt. 3 - What about ongoing freelance assignments during the lockdown?

December 2, 2020 #GiG Talks #GiGHOUSE

A lot of freelancers suddenly ended a lot of collaborations in early March as a panic reaction to the corona crisis. How did they make sure they could still get to work? Find out in the third episode of the GIG Talks.

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Financial impact corona

GIG talks pt.2 - Financial impact of Corona

November 24, 2020 #GiG Talks #GiGHOUSE

In the second episode of the GIG talks, our freelancers talk about the financial impact of the corona crisis.

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Impact coronavirus freelancers - Gig Talks

GiG Talks pt.1 - Corona crisis

November 16, 2020 #GiG Talks #GiGHOUSE

Just before the start of the second wave of Corona, we had the pleasure of hearing from some freelancers affiliated with GIGHOUSE, about the implications of Corona on their lives, careers and families. Read our account here.

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GIG Economy

The GIG economy, are you ready for it? 7 tips & tricks

June 12, 2019 #GiG Economics #GiGHOUSE

June 4, GIGHOUSE launched the networking event "Are You Ready for the GIG Economy?" where we got companies ready to embrace total talent management in their organization. Read the account of this interesting day here

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good intentions

Good intentions

January 14, 2019 #GiG Talks #GiGHOUSE

Good intentions for 2019

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gig economy

What is a Gig Economy?

October 20, 2018 #GiG Economics #GiGHOUSE

More and more workers in the labor market are taking the plunge into freelance careers

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