[ENDED] Live Webinar. Gotta Catch (and Keep) 'em All

Attracting and keeping up with the right talent? That is undoubtedly the challenge in the job market post-corona. HR managers are at a loss and recruiters are increasingly faced with the challenge of recruiting talent from new angles. How do you manage to be one step ahead of the competition and attract the right talent? GIGHOUSE brings 4 experts to the table to offer you answers to all these questions. They provide tips and advice to ensure that your company will soon be able to not only attract new employees (got to catch em all) but also keep them (and keep em all).

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What's in it for you?

As a business manager, HR manager, recruiter, executive, ... you will be given the tools to make a difference in the job market post-corona
Knowledge and advice from our experts on ways to attract and retain the right talent

For whom.

Case managers

In short?

Live webinar
1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Who is part of the panel discussion?

Rika Coppens

CEO House of HR

Jos Vermeiren

General director/ delegated director Unizo East Flanders

Tom The Guardian

Managing Partner Insilencio

Maarten Vansteenkiste

Professor of Motivational Psychology (UGent) and Critical Sounding Board at Impetus

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What topics are covered?

Help! My business is running dry. 

Studies point to major challenges this fall: burnout rates are rising significantly, there is "employee fatigue," 4 in 10 employees are changing jobs this year,...
Numerous challenges for which our companies must have answers ready this fall.
How do we ensure that this situation does not get out of hand? What solutions are there and how do we implement them?

Everyone freelancer by 2021. 

The number of freelancers is growing dramatically. Some platforms even speak of increases of up to 60 % more freelancers.
So there are plenty of quality freelance experts in the job market. The supply is there!
What else is stopping companies from using these freelancers in the war for talent?
How do we balance supply and demand? And what about the many student entrepreneurs who walk into the job market?

Innovation and DNA of our companies are under pressure from hybrid working.

With hybrid working, we are losing connection and communication between different teams and departments.
Teams are stuck in their own silos and this directly affects creative and problem-solving thinking and, by extension, innovation within companies.
How do our experts experience this? How can we restore and/or encourage collaboration and connection in the face of so much distance work?

Open Hiring® is the way to go!

Hiring employees without an interview, without a resume and without government interference? That's what "Open Hiring®" stands for.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of what the candidate has done in the past, education or experience.
The solution for many businesses? Or rather too far-reaching? And are we ready for this?