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I am looking for freelance assignments as an administrative-commercial assistant or customer care assistant. With my bilingualism and strong knowledge of English, I can definitely be an added value for your company! Need a team coach in the customer care department? I also have experience in this.

Beschikbaar vanaf: 27 februari 2024
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Meet Moïse, a dynamic, driven & dedicated freelance administrative-commercial clerk from Antwerp!

Moïse is the epitome of growth. He started as a door-to-door salesman after college and has consistently worked his way up to field/key account manager at large leading companies.

He started his first freelance assignment in November 2022 as a customer care associate where he also grew there to head of customer success.

In addition to his freelance assignments, he is a basketball coach of youth between 9 and 18y. He had to end his basketball career himself because of back problems but he does coaching youth with heart and soul.

Moïse in brief:

🤝8 years of experience in sales-oriented positions

🔎 Seeks positions as administrative-commercial clerk, customer care associate, all-round administrative clerk with many customer/supplier contacts

🌍 Dutch/FR (very good/bilingual) , English (good to very good)

❤️ Moïse is the epitome of perseverance. He had to end his studies at college early because he had to work compulsorily from home.

This has only given him the drive to grow. He has the mentality of not giving up. Moïse is commercially minded, very spontaneous, friendly, a real problem-solver.

He is motivated and can actually motivate.

Job Content:

-         Answer customer questions and seek solutions

-         Preparing quotations and entering orders

-         Coachen custumer care team

-         Complaint handling

-         Behalen salestargets en KPI's

-         After sales support

-         Giving sales training

-         Work with the marketing manager to prepare and budget a marketing plan

-         E-commerce: can work very well with Shopify

-         ...

Good to know:

👌🏻 Education Bachelor Finance & Insurance (just not finished)

👌🏻 Zeer IT/software minded - leert snel ERP- of andere programma's aan

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Interested in this profile?

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