Administrative (accounting) clerk

I am Shanna, all-round employee within office, administration, accounting and HR! I also make specific company analyses. If you choose for me, for Vixen, you choose for a company where honesty and respect is central. I am there every day to help large and small companies. Whether it is about the daily management, personnel management, bookkeeping or general administration: I gladly take over these tasks so that you can focus on what really matters within your company. Small independent business or larger SME? I adapt to any situation and will not shy away from any challenge. My strength lies in the intense collaboration with the company.

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Shanna has already had quite a career as a permanent employee at a number of companies. Studying was a little less her thing, working was all that mattered, so she opted for vocational training and then later on during her career she still obtained numerous courses (accounting, HR Officer, bachelor management assistant through adult education).

Shanna is the epitome of self-education, learning by doing, persevering, sinking her teeth into her jobs so that since 2022 she can support companies in all-round administration, financial analysis & accounting tasks and personnel administration.

She works on purely executive tasks to perfection and if your accounting needs to be audited, she will analyze it with pleasure and dedication, make improvements and structure it so that you can start again with a clean(er) slate.

Do you wish to implement SAP within the company? Shanna can be called in for this as well; she is an SAP expert, so to speak.

Shanna in brief:

🤝 20 years of experience within administration in the broad sense of the word

🔎 Seeks positions within administration, finance, human resources, business analytics with an eye toward improvement and providing structure

🌍 Dutch/French ( very good), English (good), German (notions)

❤️ Shanna is a driven lady, a hard worker, a perfectionist. Things have to move forward and she kicks at structure (making things happen), unburdening companies, providing improvement processes. She has a strong logical reasoning ability and an analytical mind which makes her quick with methods and programs.

She gives tremendously but also requires a bit of flexibility: her teenage son plays at a high level at Club Bridges, trains 3 times a week and he has to be taken to practice. But not to worry, while son trains, she works lustily in the cafeteria. Her work will always be finished!

Job Content:


  • Consulting and optimization of business processes
  • Periodic reports and analysis
  • Commercial agreements and contracts
  • General terms and conditions for pre-, interim and post-calculations

Office admin:

  • Placing and tracking orders
  • Sorting and archiving documents
  • Correspondence and mail traffic
  • File Management
  • Establishing procedures
  • Agenda management and time management
  • Presentations:
  • Preparing for meetings

HR Admin:

  • Personnel and payroll administration
  • Formatting and discussing job openings
  • Selecting candidates
  • Elaborate bonus plan and benefits
  • Preparation of job profiles

Finance admin:

  • Billing Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Follow up payments
  • Making payments


Good to know:

👌🏻 Bachelor business management through adult education

👌🏻 Training HR Officer

👌🏻 Accounting clerk training

👌🏻 Thorough knowledge of MS Office, SAP, Exact Online, Yuki

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