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Ik ben Evelyn: Wereldreiziger, ondernemer, avonturier en gepassioneerd door het leven. Ik ben zaakvoerder van De Loose Incentive Travels waarbij ik het mijn missie heb gemaakt om de pracht van reizen met zoveel mogelijk mensen te delen door middel van onvergetelijke incentive reizen voor bedrijven. In 2020 werd ik aangenomen bij Rentokil om het departement Initial weer op te starten vanuit een "excellent customer care" mindset. Hier ontdekte ik mijn liefde voor het uitwerken, analyseren en verbeteren van bedrijfsprocessen, het opleiden van teamleden en het ontdekken en implementeren van CRM systemen. Ik voelde dat ik hier verder mee wilde waarna ik in 2022 zelfstandige werd om mijn eigen bedrijf op te richten. Daarnaast zette ik me nog enkele dagen per week op freelance basis in voor Rentokil om hen te ondersteunen met hun bedrijfsontwikkeling, opleidingen en ondersteuning van de customer care afdeling.

Beschikbaar vanaf: 9 februari 2024
4 day(s)/per week
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Meet Evelyn, a driven professional from Boechout with a background in Tourism. Her career took an unexpected turn during the challenging period of the corona pandemic, when she unfortunately lost her job in the tourism sector. Determined to adapt to changing circumstances, Evelyn soon found a new opportunity at Rentokil, where she set up an entirely new department. In this role, she was responsible for various aspects, including purchasing, operations, logistics, customer service and employee training. Evelyn's resilience and versatile skills make her a valuable asset to any organization.


Evelyn in brief:

🤝5 years working experience within tourism and management

🔎 Seeks positions within administration, purchasing, operations management, ...

🌍 Dutch/English ( very good) , French ( basic to good), German ( basic)

🏡 Boechout

💰 Hourly rate: 65.63/hr ( excl. broker fee from GIGHOUSE)  

🏃🏻‍ Available 4 days/week

❤️ Evelyn is characterized by her independent and proactive work ethic. She thrives in challenging and varied environments, where her strong analytical skills are expressed. Evelyn excels at solving complex issues and enjoys taking initiative. Her upbeat personality and positive attitude contribute to a pleasant work environment, making her not only a competent professional, but also a valued colleague.


Job Content:

Position at Rentokil:

-         Setting up a new division:

-         Selecting products they will sell.

-         Products provided with codes.

-         Stock management startup.

-         Starting different processes.

-         Customer care.

-         Follow up logistics and planning with end customers.

-         Find employees and provide necessary training.

-         Monthly reporting to the general manager.

-         ...

Good to know:

👌🏻 Education Bachelor Tourism and Recreation.

👌🏻 Evelyn started her freelance career in 2022 and is currently engaged in both freelance assignments and organizing incentive travel. A versatile professional, she successfully manages various projects, using her expertise to both thrive as a freelancer and create unique incentive travel experiences.

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