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Connecting the business through IT and data; my long career has seen me work with people in many different roles, helping them connect to various IT platforms. Whilst this has all added to my broad business understanding and deployability, I believe that my ‘secret weapon’ and the added value that I may bring to any project is my ability to see beyond the process that I am working on and how it fits within the greater enterprise structure. More often than not it is by optimising the data and other flows in and out of the processes that significant value may be created, rather than the processes themselves. Ideally I like to sit and work closely with the data engineers and developers, with me translating the business concepts into the logical language that they need to work their magic. Most of my experience to date has been at a world class financial services provider, but I would be happy to help any industry optimise its processes through IT and data. In fact, as a recent IAM Asset Management Certificate holder I would welcome any opportunity to help re-engineer processes in a more industrial environment. Having said that, with my academic master degrees in applied economics, audit and finance, and actuarial sciences I should be easily deployable in any industry, including banking and insurance.

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Peter is an investment expert with an original degree in actuarial science and a qualified UK actuary as well. His whole career was spent at WTW in the UK focusing on quantitative investment strategies, asset management, and also part of the european equity team for the group. Very quickly he became a quant expert and worked very closely with the systems team to implement risk models for clients, uploading platforms for data which run in SQL. Over time, his role shifted to also being on the business side to do workshops and presentations to clients and checking the usability of certain tools. He also managed a fiduciary business worth 163 billion$ to streamlining the process to reduce the risk related to the human factor. Peter has 27 years of experience and is an ideal freelancer for projects that need someone to understand the business needs and ensure the IT teams understand the technique requirements. He is currently upgrading his skillset by following various certifications on SII, Python, and AI.

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