HR Expert from Lochristi with 11 years of experience. Is also open for Payroll assignments.

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Maak kennis met Valérie, een ervaren HR-expert uit Lochristi met maar liefst 11 jaar ervaring in het HR-vakgebied. Valérie's carrière begon eigenlijk met een studie in talen, maar tijdens haar studententijd ontdekte ze haar passie voor rekrutering (recruiter studentjob), wat haar uiteindelijk in het HR-domein deed belanden.

Valérie has built a broad expertise in various sectors, including automotive, transportation and logistics, social and manufacturing. She is someone who never sits still and always strives to move forward. Valérie loves challenges and has a remarkable ability to inspire others.

| Good to know:

👌🏻 Diploma or training: Originally studied languages.

👌🏻 Software Knowledge: Experience with SD Worx (E-blox), Primetime, Protime, Easypay, and PowerBI.

| Valérie in't kort:

🤝 11 years of experience in HR

🔎 Preferably not seeking purely recruitment assignments, open to various HR generalist roles, including payroll.

🌍 Language skills: Fluent in Dutch and English, basic skills in French.

❤️Pittige and energetic lady who likes challenge, and works hard.

| Competencies?

  • Job Content: Valérie is flexible and is open to various assignments within HR, both strategic and operational, setting up an HR policy, onboarding, offboarding, exit interviews, evaluation interviews, coaching, car-policy, assesments, process optimization, salary policy, payroll. However, her preference is no longer pure recruitment. She has experience with various HR software, including SD Worx (E-blox), Primetime, Protime and Easypay.
  • Joint Committees: She is familiar with PC 140.03, PC 2.26, PC120 and PC 3.22, and also has expertise in PowerBI.
  • Experience: Remarkable project at TransUniverse where she completely set up an HR policy and led a team along with "the daughter of" in a family business.
  • Furthermore, as an HR Consultant, she did several projects at Volvo, Ago Jobs, Beaulieu, Vellemar, SD Worx, Kindercenter, among others.
  • Sector: May be in a challenging/hard sector, should not be too soft. (automotive, transportation, logistics, social sector and manufacturing)

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Interested in this profile?

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