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Accounts receivable manager - credit controller - accountant from A to Y - AP/AR

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Let me introduce you to Volkan. He has a degree in Accountancy and Taxation.


His first freelance assignment in the finance industry is nearing its end, and he is currently actively seeking a new assignment. Whether it is the role of an all-round accountant or a position that matches his passion, such as credit control or receivables management, Volkan is open to a variety of opportunities.


❤️ Volkan can be described as a math prodigy, someone who excels at dealing with numbers and financial issues. His patience is remarkable, which enables him to tackle complex problems thoroughly and carefully. He has a distinct passion for his work and is completely absorbed in it, resulting in a high level of dedication and enthusiasm.


Een van Volkans uitdagingen is dat hij moeilijk 'nee' kan zeggen. Hij heeft de neiging om zichzelf volledig in te zetten voor taken en verantwoordelijkheden, zelfs als dit betekent dat hij soms te veel hooi op zijn vork neemt. Dit komt voort uit zijn sterke werkethiek en zijn verlangen om anderen te helpen.

🤝 experience within Finance

🔎 seeks assignments as credit coltroller, accounts receivable manager, accountant  

🌍 language skills: ND ( native language) / ENG ( very good) / FR ( very good) / GERMAN ( basic) + TURKS ( native language)


Job Content:

Tasks Done:

-       AP accountant:

o  Processing incoming invoices.

o  Preparation of sales invoices for subcontractors of PostNl.

o  Entry of invoices.

o  Reporting to the CFO.

o  Prepare estimates.

-       AR accoutant:

o  Follow up on payments.

o  Sending the reminders ( 1-2-3)

o  Forward to attorney.

o  Follow up the file with the attorney.

o  Experience at home and abroad.

-       Accountant A to Y:

o  Experience in a support role processing VAT returns and annual statements.

Programs: Yuki, Isabel, SAP, Telelink, Octopus, Exact-Online, ... 

Good to know:

👌🏻 NO ITAA title


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Interested in this profile?

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