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I jump in to help companies solve issues in Product Management, Pricing, Go-to-Market and Digital Project Management. What drives customer value in B2B? It is customer success. Help your customers achieve more success. Help your customers remove hurdles on their way to success. You've created value! If you're not satisfied, let’s to see how we can: 1° Create value: make sure your products deliver value to your target customers, today and tomorrow. This is about understanding what your customer need and how to use your technology to create, improve and deliver value. 2° Measure and capture value: make sure your pricing support your acquisition, retention and growth strategies while being fully accepted by your customers. This is about knowing what your customers segments are really willing to pay for, measuring it and capturing value. Communicate internally & externally to ensure price acceptance. 3° Launch and communicate your differentiated value: make sure you stand out vs your competitors and that you attract the right leads. This is about determining your unique value proposition and creating an impactful go-to-market plan.

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