Supply Chain manager

Beschikbaar vanaf: 12 februari 2024
5 day(s)/per week
Own car
Weekend Work
Evening Work


AccuracyPunctualERPOffice 365AccountingBooking & Processing Financial DataManage Invoicing FlowAudit InvoicesFormatting InvoicesSending payment remindersContacts Collection, Accounting, Credit InsurersFace2face Customer ContactFollow up OrdersTelephone Customer ContactProcessing Purchase OrdersMaking Payments SuppliersInvoice Processing SuppliersFollow up Accounts payableControllingOrganizational Policy Shaping

GIGHOUSE opinion


Zoekt een opdracht voltijds remote ( administratie) , minimum 80%

Transport -logistiek - havenwerk - airfreight

  • planning voor 120 mensen ( vrachtwagens)
  • opdrachtenplanning
  • geen personeelsadm
  • geen facturatie
  • operationele planning

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