short introduction: passion for the hr profession in general! I always look and seek new challenges and am known for my out of the box mentality. I first look where are we, what has already been done, what are we running into and what can I do about it! Then quickly in these times the out of the box mentality comes into play. I always set goals for myself that I want to achieve within a project. I am very communicative and look for clients who feel the same way! I am quick to understand and adapt to the state of affairs within the requested tasks through my assertiveness. Letting things drag on is not in my blood, I like to tackle things.

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Let me introduce you to Marjolein. She experienced the attacks up close in March 2016. After this drastic event, she decided to take a break and pursue career counseling. This has given her the opportunity to make a fresh start in her career, with a focus on recruitment.


❤️ Marjolein is characterized by her open and direct personality. She is known for her out-of-the-box thinking and is always focused on progress. She thrives in a no-nonsense culture where honesty and efficiency are paramount.

🤝 Experience within soft HR

🔎 Seeks assignments as a sourcer, recruiter, HRBP

🌍 language knowledge: ND/ENG  


Job Content:

-       Sourcing candidates: VDAB, Indeed, Linkedin,...

Marjolein has her own seat on Linkedin and Indeed.

-       Likes to think out-of-the-box in candidate search.

-       Thorough screening.

-       Propose to hiring managers or decide yourself if this person can already start.

-       Contract discussion.

-       Keeping fleet up to date.

-       Assist in setting up or reworking HR processes:

§ Introducing an ATS system.

§ Setting up social media.

§ Rebranding.

§ ... 

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Interested in this profile?

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