Total Talent Management

What is Total Talent Management?

reading time: 5min | # principals #trends | April 8, 2019 | Daan De Bock
In HR trends overviews, 'Total Talent Management' pops up alongside Digitization and Employer Branding up as one of the deciding factors of a successful HR policy. A buzzword or not, Total Talent Management shows glimpses of the HR future. But what specifically do we mean by Total Talent Management? To whom is it relevant? Read on below!


What is Total Talent Management?

Total talent management is the lure of an HR policy that is characterized by removing the focus from the desired form of contract and focusing on always having the right talent on board, regardless of the form of contract. Striving to hire permanent employees based on contract form falls seamlessly short of today's labor market. Talent matters, not contract form. That is, the workforce is not only represented by employees with permanent hires, but also the flexible statutes such as freelancers, flexis and temporary workers strengthen the team.


Why Talent Management?

The rapidly evolving marketplace and an even more fluid job market mean that the leading Human Resources currents of the last few decades are being contested. If you remain stuck in your best practices of the last 5 years, you risk quickly falling behind. Flexibility is today's credo. Agility and agility in providing the right talents to the business are the pillars on which HR stands. The prosperous economy has also increased the tightness in the labor market, making certain profiles increasingly difficult to recruit. When the influx of talent is limited by the "status" of the employee, you narrow the surface of the pond you are fishing in. That pond has fewer fish anyway now that some highly qualified fish have moved from ponds.


A child of his time

Total Talent management is a child of its time. Just when many workers are making the move to self-employment, the match seems perfect. The freelancers, self-employed (or gig workers as we call them) are looking for more. More challenge, more freedom, more variety. These are the workers who want a new challenge and possess a lot of professional knowledge. It is these profiles that are highly sought after by companies. TTM can help to successfully onboard these profiles. Companies are currently making do with traditional recruitment methods. However, the shortage means that new solutions must be sought. Shifting the management of freelancers to HR can be a first step, but meeting TTM requirements requires an integrated vision and policy.


Total Talent Management: for every company?

True, not every company moves on same pace. Thus, it may be perfect that your company can still perfectly capture its business roles in the traditionally employed workforce. But no one escapes the socio-demographic and economic factors that drive the labor market. Finding talent becomes a lot more difficult for any company in the future. A Total Talent Management strategy can help.

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