HR trends 2021

HR trends 2021

reading time: 5min | # principals #trends | January 21, 2021 | Melanie Deblanc

Before we can take a look at the future of HR, it is important to take a moment to look back at the major events of the past year. While we all hope that the corona crisis has fought its last battle bit by bit, our story starts there. At the beginning of this crisis, we noticed that companies, after their often initial "panic reaction," felt the need to move into digital projects which increased the demand for freelance experts.

Both internal and external digital projects suddenly became priorities due to the crisis. Rapid integration of (internal) new digital tools, setting up e-commerce projects, betting on online visibility ... are just some of the needs that quickly emerged in companies. The digitalization triggered by the pandemic may not die out along with the virus. The need for freelance experts, therefore, will remain.


War for talent

But even long before the corona crisis colored the labor market, a persistent battle for talent was underway. The number of non-working job seekers per open position had never been lower.

The War for Talent, along with the preference to hire rather "risk-reducing," is steering companies toward flexible solutions, including in the form of freelance experts. Companies that previously favored a particular form of contract (permanent contract) are now easier to convince to consider other forms of contract as well. Stubborn adherence to a well-defined contract form is thus: 'a thing of the past'.

In April 2020, freelancers were the 'saving grace' for many companies. Not only because of the flexibility but also the extensive 'know how' needed to move quickly. Once companies embrace freelancers, they don't let them go anytime soon. Therefore, we are also firmly convinced that this trend will continue in 2021. Companies are discovering the many advantages of working with freelancers and, for example, are experiencing the commitment and involvement they bring from their entrepreneurial nature.


Planning skills HR

The role of HR will also change slightly in the near future. In 2020, we learned that more than ever, the HR manager must have great planning skills. By understanding the company's needs, the HR manager will have to plan ahead and launch talent searches in a timely manner.
Talking to other departments to get a good view of planned projects in the future and coordinating with finance for the proper budgeting of each project are obviously things that will be inextricably linked to this. Our HR manager anno 2021 will, more than ever, be a visionary, a planner and an excellent communicator.


Freelance platforms

With the increased need for freelance experts, online platforms are also gaining in popularity. Overall, we see platforms becoming more and more integrated in the search for quality freelancers, and we expect this trend to continue in 2021.
The platforms are fast, accurate and provide to-the-point solutions to the challenges they face.

Or as Steven Van Belleghem aptly says in his new book "The offer you can't refuse," "Excellent service is becoming the new commodity" and "Excellent digital performance has become the new minimum in terms of digital services.
Expectations for freelance platforms are high, and rightly so. Especially platforms that can offer "the best of both worlds" and combine both digital excellence and "the human touch" are worth watching in 2021.

To continue to meet all these growing expectations, it is necessary for platforms to (further) build strong alliances and establish partnerships. Connecting within the entire ecosystem will be more important than ever.


More information?

Would you like to capitalize on the HR trends of 2021 and start working with freelancers yourself? Or are you looking for a user-friendly platform where you can manage your current freelancers, cont(r)act and consult performed hours? GIGHOUSE is happy to look at the possibilities with you. Feel free to contact Melanie and together we'll see how we can get you up and running with freelance experts quickly.

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Who is Melanie?
After studying Marketing (with Sales specialization), Melanie took her first steps on the job market in 2006 within a commercial position.


It was in summer 2013 that she continued her career in Human Resources as an Account Manager at Accent jobs. Through Accent jobs she got to know the HR world as an exciting and challenging environment where she could develop both her sales skills and her passion for HR. It was then also a logical step for her to join the Accent jobs sister company Peak6 where she advised companies in the search for, and the development of, appropriate cost-effective policy frameworks to optimize the people aspect within the company.


Since 2018, as co-founder of GIGHOUSE, she has been at the helm of Belgium's first digital matching platform between freelancer and client. Her mission? To deploy talent to companies, regardless of the form of contract.

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