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4 ultimate reasons why you should come to Freelance Business Day on March 29

reading time: 4min | #GiGHOUSE #Overige | February 27, 2019 | Daan De Bock

1. You can have fun networking with your freelance colleagues

Freelance Business Day is the ideal time to connect with your fellow freelancers. During the 2-hour lunch you will have ample time to share interesting stories. A rich freelance network ensures new opportunities and an influx of more assignments. You stand a lot stronger as a freelancer if you can surround yourself with like-minded people. So definitely don't forget to bring those business cards 🙂


2. You can attend helpful workshops and engaging lectures

Freelance Business Day this year not only features the opportunity to network, #fbd is a conference where you will learn how to grow as a freelancer. You choose from 16 interesting lectures divided into 2 'tracks'. Both for starters and experienced freelancers there is a lot of knowledge to pick up. The starting freelancers will find their way in the 'Wantrepreneur' track and seasoned freelancers can turn to ''Freelance Business'. We personally look forward to Allison Stessens' lecture on Time Management (yes this blog should have been finished earlier) & Philip Verhaeghe on becoming an expert in your industry.

So much to explore!

Consult the full program here.


3. You get a 20 percent discount because you are a GIGHOUSE freelancer

You are no longer alone as a freelancer, is the motto of GiGHOUSE. To give you a boost financially, we are happy to offer you a discount on your ticket. Freelancers are responsible for their own training and development and those costs dare to add up quickly. Use this code to get a 20 percent discount, you're welcome 🙂 .


4. You meet the founders of "Freelancers in Belgium.

Jenny & Elina, in addition to being the proud founders of Freelance Business Day, are the owners of the Facebook community: "Freelancers in Belgium". In this community freelancers can ask all their questions (& solutions) about working as a freelancer. Jenny & Elena, by the way, are two freelancers themselves who from their own experience noticed that it was time to unite Belgian freelancers. Can't attend on March 29? Then be sure to join the community for free to stay up to date with interesting facts!


Ready to come network with us?

We will already be present at #FBD, will we see you there?

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